Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the most common ‘frequently asked questions’ we’re asked most often about our cleaning process and of wedding dress care in general. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, then please get in touch.

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you within 2 working days to arrange a suitable time for the collection of your dress.

Even if your dress does not appear to be dirty or stained, it is still important to have it cleaned. Often, invisible marks, especially from drink spills can progressively darken and become more visible over time. Other stains can become permanently ‘set’ and engrained if left untreated and impossible to remove at a later stage. Your dress is a investment – having it professionally cleaned at the earliest opportunity, will ensure it is properly sanitised and ready to be properly stored for a lifetime.

Our beautiful hand made boxes are made from specially milled pH neutral board, which means they do not contain acid or alkali. Most items around us, such as wood, cardboard of a normal box, dyes in fabrics, all contain acid. If a wedding dress is in contact with such items, the acid will affect the fabric and cause “yellowing” or discolouration to appear after several years. Unlike plastic covers The Wedding Dress Box allows the fabrics of the dress to breathe. Plastic covers can have a harmful effect on your dress over a long period of time.

Yes, we have successfully cleaned thousands of dresses with this care label – although we do not use the ‘Baptiste’ process as it is simply a registered trademark name which another cleaner uses to describe ‘their’ process. As specialist wedding dress cleaners, we will devise and use a tailor made cleaning process according to the unique fibre composition and style of your dress to ensure the best and optimum result, rather than being limited to one process.

Yes. As specialist wedding dress cleaners, we have many methods of cleaning at our disposal. We will take a close look at the dress and devise a cleaning process according to it’s unique requirements to ensure we achieve the best and optimum result.

Yes. In the very unfortunate and unlikely event of a claim, we will pass on the matter to our insurers who will personally handle your claim in accordance with industry practices & guidelines.

We would love to say yes but unfortunately the answer is no. We suggest you be very wary of any company who proclaims to do so. Wedding dresses are often created from very delicate fabrics which can easily bruised or loose their colour when subjected to excessive stain treatment and agitation. We can only guarantee that we will do our absolute best to ensure we achieve the best and optimum result for you, which in most cases is a totally clean and stain – free dress.

Our standard service usually takes between 3 – 6 weeks from the point you order to delivery of your dress. We can also offer a Express 4 days service. Please contact us for more information. 

Once you have secured your order with a £75 deposit, the remaining balance will be requested once your order is ready for delivery. 

Yes. We have a seamstress who will be happy to look at any repair work and give you a quote for the work required.

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