Preserve your wedding dress for life with one of our beautiful hand-made storage boxes

Once your dress has been cleaned, you can choose for it to be carefully packed into a museum quality preservation box containing special PH neutral acid free tissue paper ensuring your dress is protected in the most traditional and natural way possible, by helping to prevent potentially harmful effects of our surroundings from reaching it.

Our wedding dress boxes are unlike any others you will find.

Our wedding dress boxes are stunning! The papers and board are extremely durable and designed to last a lifetime. Other boxes can be flimsy, yet still just as expensive! You will find our boxes unique, stunningly beautiful and excellent value for money.

Size 1 Storage Box

Size 1

36 x 48 x 11cm

Suitable for slender wedding dress (can have a small train), with no net petticoat. The dress will be folded twice to fit in this neat size box. Comes with acid free tissue paper, lace trim & ribbon. (Shown in Love Hearts Pink)

Size 2 Storage Box

Size 2

35 x 55 x 20cm

Suitable for dresses with full skirts. Can be used for slender wedding dress with a small amount of petticoat and train, but dress needs to be folded twice. Comes with acid-free tissue paper, lace trim & ribbon. (Shown in Endsleigh Ivory)

Size 3 Storage Box

Size 3

50 x 75 x 15cm

Suitable for most styles of wedding dress that have up to 2 layers of net petticoat including those with long trains. Comes with acid free tissue paper, lace trim  & ribbon. (Shown in Antique Pink)

Size 4 Storage Box

Size 4

50 x 75 x 30cm

 Suitable for full skirted dresses with three or more layers of petticoat and train. Comes with acid free tissue paper, lace trim, ribbon & cord handles. (Shown in Parchment Ivory)

Size 5 Storage Box

Size 5

50 x 85 x 30cm

For extremely full dresses; with extra height to allow for up to 10 layers of petticoat. Comes with acid free tissue paper, lace trim, ribbon & cord handles. (Shown in Love Hearts Gold)

Shoe Box

Shoe box

21 x 33 x 14cm

The most gorgeous shoe box you will find for your special pairs of shoes. Handmade for you. Finished with ribbon or brass card holder/handle. (Shown in Parisienne Pink) 

6 beautiful designs to choose from


Antique Pink

Love heart gold

Love heart pink

Parisienne Pink

Endsleigh Ivory

eBridal's Choice

Parchment Ivory

Our special Ph neutral dress boxes will stop your wedding dress from going yellow

The Wedding Dress Box is made from specially milled pH neutral board, which means it does not contain acid or alkali. Most items around us, such as wood, cardboard of a normal box, dyes in fabrics, all contain acid.

If a wedding dress is in contact with such items, the acid will affect the fabric and cause “yellowing” or discolouration to appear after several years. The Wedding Dress Box, combined with the acid free tissue will provide a pH neutral and safe environment in which to keep your dress.

Unlike plastic covers The Wedding Dress Box allows the fabrics of the dress to breathe. Plastic covers can have a harmful effect on your dress over a long period of time.

The box protects from light and dust which can fade or mark the dress, and its strong durable board and paper can provide excellent protection against any untoward accident.

Because The Wedding Dress Box is the most beautiful and romantic way that you will find to preserve your wedding dress, there is no longer a need to store in the attic. Your Dress Box can be kept as a pretty feature in the bedroom.

Travel boxes

The Wedding Travel Boxes come with cord handle, that holds the lid in place as you carry, plus plenty of acid free tissue and packing instructions. Our sturdy boxes protect the dress from any untoward accidents whilst travelling, such as bumps. scrapes, humidity changes, spillage and squashing.

They are made by hand, and are very robust, (unlike other flimsy boxes available) to provide sufficient protection on your journey, and are then suitable to store and preserve your wedding dress after the wedding. Dimensions: 35 x 55 x 20 cm (deep) £75


Why not have the Wedding Dress Box personalised with details of the wedding?

Brides name (usually maiden) and date, 2 lines – £39.95.
Extra lines available on request e.g Grooms name, place name
As a box is personal to you we regret it is non returnable unless faulty.

For further details please contact us.

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