eBridal Terms & Conditions

eBridal Terms and Conditions

eBridal, strives to ensure all items entrusted into our care are treated with the utmost care and attention, to reach you in the best possible condition.


Terms and Conditions: refers to this document.

[the] Client: refers to the person whom eBridal are providing Services to.

[the] Business/Our/We: refers to eBridal.

Website User: Any persons accessing www.eBridal.co.uk

Services: Work provided by eBridal, to the Client, in return for monetary exchange.

1. Introduction

[1.1] It is the Website Users responsibility to ensure the following Terms and Conditions have been read, and understood before proceeding.

[1.2] By using this website, your consent is implied to the following Terms and Conditions.

[1.3] By using our Website and services, the User represents and warrants that they are at least 18 years old, and have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement.

2. Service Standards

[2.1] The Client gives the Business consent to clean their dress/items, and any other items the Client submits to the Business, for cleaning purposes.

[2.2] The Business may use any process or methods of cleaning deemed appropriate.

[2.3] Any items submitted without care labels will be cleaned entirely at the Client’s own risk. The Business will ensure every reasonable precaution has been taken to ensure its safety, whilst in our care. Items with care labels still carry a risk, which the Business cannot be held responsible for.

[2.4] The Business cannot guarantee the removal of all marks and/or stains from dresses/items as dresses/items are often created from very delicate fabrics which may be easily bruised or lose their colour when subjected to excessive stain treatment and agitation.

[2.5] The Business guarantees to take all reasonable steps to ensure optimum results are achieved whilst the Client’s dress is in our care. A clean and stain free dress is achieved in 95% of cases.

[2.6] It is the Client’s responsibility to understand that pre – existing damage to any dress can often be masked by staining, and may only become noticeable once the dress has been cleaned. Typical and common damage may include, but is not limited to:

– Loose (dangling) and/or missing beads/embellishments

– Scuffs, bruises, clicks, snags, pulls, holes and tears in fabric

– Loose, broken and frayed threads – broken stitches

– Missing buttons and damaged button loops

– Damaged lace.

[2.7] It is the Client’s responsibility to understand that it is not always possible for the Business to be able to remove any foreign objects which may be caught and entangled in the fabric of the dress, (particularly around the bottom hemline). Fluff, hairs, carpet fibres and organic matter from walking on grasslands etc. cannot always be removed during the cleaning process, and should be picked out very carefully.

We will take every reasonable precaution to remove any foreign objects by hand. However, we cannot guarantee full removal, if we feel it may damage the fabric.

[2.8] It is the Client’s responsibility to remove all attachments/embellishments that are not suitable for cleaning, prior to entrusting it into our care.

These may include but are not limited to: all detachable trims, buckles, buttons, belts, confetti, pins, sequins, crystals, beading, belts, brooches, badges etc as-well as any items left in pockets.

The Business cannot be held liable if any attachments not suitable for cleaning, have not been removed by the Client.

[2.9] If we are receiving your dress/items, for a ‘Pre-Wedding’ Clean, we advise that cleaning is undertaken prior to any alterations taking place. Although it is rare, there may be a degree of ‘relaxation’ on some fabrics, depending on the material.

[2.10] Despite preventative safeguards and measures being in place, there is always some risk in any cleaning process. Threads that are extremely weak may break through no fault of our own and intricate beadwork and other embellishments may come into contact with each other, leading to loss or damage. In the unlikely event of this, we will do our best to rectify any issues.

[2.11] There is a risk that pulls, catches and abrasions to fabric may worsen during processing; this may result in holes appearing where pulls, catches and abrasions once were due to the fabric being weak and unstable in that area. The Business will take every reasonable precaution to prevent this, but cannot be held liable in the event of this occurrence.

[2.12] The Business cannot take responsibility for loss of glitter, or glued details, which may become detached during the cleaning process.

[2.13] Wedding Dresses are designed to be single-use, special occasion, dresses. Therefore, they are not intended to be repeatedly cleaned. In very rare cases, fading, shrinking and texture changes may occur. In the event of this occurring, the Business cannot be held liable.

[2.14] It is the Client’s responsibility to inform us of the age and condition of their dress prior to our collection. For example, older dresses will be more prone to breakages, fabric tears, etc.

[2.15] Any footwear is cleaned at the Client’s risk, and subject to the same conditions outlined in this document.

[2.16] Any advice the Business provides, is based on individual experience only, and cannot be taken as factual. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure any decisions they make based on our advice, are at their own risk. The Client is responsible for the consequences of any decision they have made.

3. Compensation

[3.1] In the event of loss or damage to an item, due to our negligence, (excluding the items mentioned above), the Business will compensate the Client in line with the Fair Compensation Guidelines provided by the Textile Services Association.

Proof of purchase must be provided for the purposes of compensation. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure they are able to provide Proof of Purchase, before placing their order.

4. Order Placement

[4.1] When placing an order through our Website, the Client agrees to provide accurate and complete information about themself, including payment information.

The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account.

[4.2] When placing an order, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure all information provided is true and accurate. The Client must inform the Business of any discrepancies in information as soon as soon as they become aware.

In the event of a discrepancy being provided to the Business, the Business reserves the right to modify the Client’s price, in line with the true and accurate details.

5. Payments

[5.1] All prices for our Services are displayed on www.eBridal.co.uk.

A non-refundable deposit of £75 will be due at the time of an order being placed. The remaining balance will be payable upon the completion of cleaning Services, and requested prior to the arrangement of delivery.

[5.2] The Business has the right to decline an order for any reason, after it has been placed. In this instance, the Client’s deposit may be refunded at the Business’ discretion.

[5.3] Where the Client fails to pay the remaining balance, the Business reserves the right to retain the Client’s dress, until full payment has been made, or a satisfactory solution has been reached by both parties.

[5.4] In the event of a legal collection, the Client is responsible for all legal costs incurred, including those associated with breach of these terms.

6. Cancellation and Refunds

[6.1] In the event the Client wishes to cancel their order, they must do so within 24 hours of placing the order to receive a refund. Cancellation requests made outside this time frame, may not be honoured and will be at the Business’ discretion.

[6.2] Any cancellation requests must be made in writing to: info@ebridal.co.uk

[6.3] Refunds will be issued using the same method as the original payment, and may be subject to the deduction of the standard processing fees as charged by any third party payment methods.

7. Collection & Delivery

[7.1] Once the Business has received the Client’s order, the Business will make every effort to contact the Client within 2 working days to arrange a suitable time to collect their dress/items. In the event the Business has been unsuccessful in making contact, the Business reserves the right to cancel the Client’s order. In this instance, the Client’s deposit may be retained as an administration charge, and any other orders may be subject to another deposit.

[7.2] Once your dress/items are ready for delivery, the Business will contact the Client to arrange a suitable time to deliver the dress back into their care.

Whilst the Business will strive to meet these dates, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances which the Business cannot be responsible for.

Client failure to send or receive their order in line with the agreed arrangements, reserves the Business the right to charge a ‘re-arrangement’ fee at their discretion.

[7.3] In the event the Client decides to cancel our Services after their items have already been collected, it is the Client’s responsibility to arrange the return of their items, at their own expense.

Once the item/s are in transit, they will stay in transit until they have reached us. The Business cannot be held responsible for any items once they have left our care.

8. Intellectual Property

[8.1] The content on this Website, including text, graphics, images, and logos, is the property of our company and is protected by intellectual property laws. You may not use, reproduce, or distribute any content from this Website without our express written permission.

9. Privacy

[9.1] Your privacy is important to us. Please review our Privacy Policy, which explains how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal information.

10. Limitation of Liability

[10.1] To the extent permitted by law, the Business cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected, with the use of our services or this Website.

11. Indemnification

[11.1] You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses arising out of your use of our services or any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

12. Modifications

[12.1] We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of our services or this Website at any time without prior notice. We may also update these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Your continued use of the Website after any changes indicates your acceptance of those changes.

13. Governing Law

[13.1] These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of [Jurisdiction], without regard to its conflict of law principles.

14. Contact Information

[14.1] If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at (01661) 820 700 or email info@ebridal.co.uk. Any complaints must be sent in writing, within 30 days of dispute to: info@ebridal.co.uk. Please allow up to 15 working days for your complaint to be investigated.