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eBridal: Providing the Complete UK Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

The Complete UK Wedding Dress Cleaning Service
While some UK brides donate, sell or repurpose their wedding dresses, others keep theirs for sentimental reasons. Although it’s prudent to hold a unique item such as your wedding gown, a lot could go wrong if it’s not adequately cared for. You might risk permanent fabric yellowing and creasing, mould growth, or brown oxidation if you don’t take extra measures to protect it. For these reasons, you’d want to find out how to clean and preserve your wedding dress.

Why do you need a wedding dress cleaning service?
While you may be tempted to DIY, it will be best to enlist professional services to give your attire the proper care. Professional Wedding Dress Cleaning services are essential for the following reasons:

They select the standard dry-cleaning process
These professionals don’t offer a one-man-fits-all service when cleaning your wedding gown. Instead, they examine your fabric type, its intricate designs, and hemstitching before deciding the suitable cleaning methods and materials to use. While there are two types of solvents, recycled and virgin solvent, most professionals would use the virgin type to reduce the impurities and odour that recycled solvents bring.

They focus on invisible stains
Although some stains may be difficult to spot initially, they can ruin your dress in the long run. For instance, spilt drinks on your attire might contain sugar that caramelises with time, turning to dark stains that a simple dry-cleaning process can’t solve. What’s worse, they can become pale yellow and cause irrevocable damage to your dress. Fortunately, these professionals can spot these stains and use the needed cleaning materials to ensure that your dress regains its fresh look.

They offer restoration services
Perhaps you wore your mother’s wedding dress for tradition’s sake and want to keep it in good condition. In that case, you need wedding dress cleaning professionals to help you out. They can adjust, clean, repair and whiten your attire, giving it a new look while preserving its vintage feel.

They provide the recommended storage
It’s crucial to store your wedding dress in a cool dark place, as sunlight and moisture can cause your fabric to fade and discolour. Fortunately, these professionals can offer you a pH-neutral wedding dress storage box that won’t damage or discolour your wedding dress. Besides, it’s pretty design can serve as a decorative item in your bedroom.

What should you look out for when choosing a wedding dress cleaning service?
Your wedding dress holds such lovely memories, and you want it to be cleaned by the right people to prevent damage. For this reason, you may take note of the following things when choosing a wedding dress cleaning service.

Due to its delicate nature, a cleaning mistake might cause irreversible damages to your dress. Therefore, it’s best to hire professionals with years of experience attached to their name. You should research the best services in your area or check for reviews from brides and bridal stores to ensure your attire is in good hands.

Storage method
Your wedding dress storage is as necessary as its cleaning, which is why you must be keen on how cleaning services store wedding dresses. You’d want to avoid those who use regular plastic bags, wooden or cardboard boxes, as their acidic content can discolour your dress after some time. Better still, you may consider cleaning services that use pH-neutral wedding dress storage boxes for proper and long-lasting preservation.

Cleaning methods and materials
Not all cleaning materials might be suitable for your wedding dress, which is why you must be aware of the products they use. It will be prudent to ask questions concerning their cleaning methods and items. You may also research your fabric type and the suitable cleaning materials to ensure that they use the right products.

While each wedding dress cleaning company has their specific prices, it’s best to go for the ones you can afford. However, this doesn’t translate to opting for low-quality services to reduce costs. It will help if you research the price range of wedding dress cleaning services in your area to determine how much you need to pay.

While professionals will handle your priceless dress with care, mistakes can happen at any time. For this reason, you’d want to find out if they offer any guarantee for tears and discolouration that might arise during the cleaning process. You’d also like to ensure that they’re a thriving business to ensure that they can back up their guarantee claim.

To preserve your wedding dress, you need the help of an experienced cleaning service. Fortunately, professionals like eBridal Wedding Dress Cleaning will ensure that your attire is in pristine condition.

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